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Individual lists for each age group

Lists are ordered by the date the child was added to the list. You can also define priorities which override the default order and adjust the list to see what it will look like in the future.
Waitlist software screen shot

Reminder emails for parents

When turned on, the parent will receive an email on a periodic basis reminding them that they are on your waiting list. You can even present them with options to be removed from the list, or to confirm their spot.
Remind parents that they are on the waiting list

View family information

See the contact information for parents and all children including any siblings which are already enrolled in your child care center. You can save notes related to the parents and children.
Store family details


Quickly see all of your age groups, their size, and max wait length. This is also where you get to all of the setup and configuration pages.
Application shows a summary of each age group

Mobile Friendly

Use your PC, smartphone or tablet to take your waitlist anywhere you are.
Use any device

Online enrollment form

When turned on, a link specific to your center will be provided for you to publish on your web site or send to parents so they can enroll themselves in your list. When a form is filled out, a notice will appear on your dashboard.
Publish a waitlist form on your website

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Pricing and Features
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Why do daycare centers around the globe use us?

Family Management - See all family members on a single page
Affordable - Free or $129 per year for unlimited children and full features
Secure - We'll keep your data safe using a secured protocol and database encryption
Easy to use - Our simple design gives you all the features you need and nothing more
Set Priority - You can specify or use the default rules (staff, family in care, date added)
List Dashboard - See the status of all lists including, children on list, max wait time, and average wait time
Nothing to install - Manage your waitlist on the web, access it from home or work and across multiple centers